NEW PUBLICATION: The Imprint of Business Norms on American Education is now available!

Cambria Press New Book

Cambria Press is pleased to announce that The Imprint of Business Norms on American Education by Dameon V. Alexander is now available.

American education is at a critical juncture because the traditional skills taught in schools and universities might no longer be valid to prepare students for a global economy. This is a prevailing argument in the education reform debate. Corporations are now being turned to for the solution.

For some, it might seem unsavory that education has turned into a profitable business. For others, it is a dream come true. Although several scholars have analyzed the correspondence between education and the economy, few have examined it using a British pedagogical framework combined with an economic typology of power. The goal of this book is to explore the existence of certain capitalist realities in the American education system to find a balance between the distinct ideologies of education and business.

This is an important book for social entrepreneurs, education reformers, education and sociological studies.

Tell your librarian about this book today–they can order it directly from Cambria Press or they can order through their preferred academic book wholesaler (Cambria Press is on the approval list of premier wholesalers like YBP).

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