NEW PUBLICATION: Charles Dupin (1784–1873) and His Influence on France is now available!

Cambria Press is pleased to announce that Charles Dupin (1784–1873) and His Influence on France: The Contributions of a Mathematician, Educator, Engineer, and Statesman by Margaret Bradley is now available.

Charles Dupin was a multifaceted figure in the history of France, where his life spanned several regimes. He produced an enormous number of publications in mathematics, engineering, economics, and education. Long neglected by historians, he is at last beginning to receive attention. In his youth, he championed many causes, including the education of women, perhaps because of the influence of his dynamic and learned mother. He was already very ambitious as a youth and left behind the usual youthful desires in pursuit of his goals.

This is the first published study of Charles Dupin and his entire life’s work. It illuminates his work and contribution in so many spheres, as well as his contacts with other scientists and educators. His mathematics have long interested scholars in the field, and he would have been an outstanding naval engineer. He was a linguist and highly cultured; with his aesthetic sense he might well have rivaled Sané, but because of his driving ambition he was a great man manqué. Against a background of tremendous changes in France, he made important contributions in many areas, as evidenced by the bibliography in this book.

This work will be of interest to mathematicians, historians of science, sociologists, economists, engineers, and educators.

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