Cambria Press Book Review: Public Memory of Slavery — Path-breaking Work of Original Research!

Front Cover of Public Memory of Slavery:  Victims and Perpetrators in the South Atlantic

Cambria Press congratulates Professor Ana Lucia Araujo on yet another excellent review of her book, Public Memory of Slavery: Victims and Perpetrators in the South Atlantic, by The Public Historian.

The journal review describes Professor Araujo’s book as “a path-breaking work of original research in which Ana Lucia Araujo illuminates the processes, politics, and economics of forgetting and remembering slavery in the South Atlantic.”

It also praises the book because “Araujo draws on extensive research that covers an impressive range of time and place. Enriched by fluency in Portuguese, Spanish, French, and English, Araujo’s multi disciplinary research methodologies include archival digging, close textual read ing, onsite analyses, and extensive interviews.”

The review concludes with an emphatic recommendation: “As a whole, thanks to its broad, well-informed overview of motivations for and developments in the memorialization of slavery in the South Atlantic, Public Memory of Slavery will be an important book for public historians.”

Public Memory of Slavery, published by Cambria Press in 2010, has already been highly praised by other journals.

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