The Memory of Slavery and Human Trafficking Today – Cambria Studies in Slavery: Past and Present (General Editor: Ana Lucia Araujo)

Cambria Press Slavery Past Present Series

This new series by Cambria Press will feature high-quality, innovative, and peer-reviewed monographs and edited books that examine the history of slavery and how its memories and legacies remain alive in various regions of the globe. With this aim, the series will include studies on contemporary slavery and human trafficking as well. The geographical scope of the series is broad. It encompasses the Americas, Europe, and Africa, including the Indian Ocean, and the Muslim worlds. Transnational, comparative, and interdisciplinary studies are particularly welcome. Reflecting these international and interdisciplinary dimensions, the editorial board is composed of historians, political scientists, anthropologists, archaeologists, and art historians based on several countries and working on various regions and continents.

If you have a book proposal on historical or contemporary slavery, please visit the Cambria Press booth in the book exhibit hall at the African Studies Association annual meeting. If you are not attending this meeting and would like to send a proposal, please e-mail Ana Lucia Araujo at aaraujo [at] .

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