Excellent Cambria Press Book Review! CHOICE praises Presidential Electors and the Electoral College for being “an important, if not definitive, study of the subject”!

Cambria Press congratulates Professor Robert Alexander on the outstanding book review of Presidential Electors and the Electoral College: An Examination of Lobbying, Wavering Electors, and Campaigns for Faithless Votes by CHOICE, the premier source for reviews of academic books, electronic media, and Internet resources of interest to those in higher education.

The review praises the book for being “a solid, well-composed work of research, an important, if not definitive, study of the subject” and recommends it for upper-division undergraduate and graduate collections. This echoes what top political scientists are saying about the book.

See also Professor Alexander’s CNN op-ed and his interview on NPR!

Cambria Press Book Review: Presidential Electors and Electoral College
Cambria Press Book Review: Presidential Electors and Electoral College


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