Outstanding Cambria Press Book Review! British Journal of Canadian Studies praises Forgotten Partnership Redux highly!

Cambria Press congratulates Greg Anderson and Christopher Sands on the review on their highly acclaimed book Forgotten Partnership Redux: Canada-U.S. Relations in the 21st Century by the British Journal of Canadian Studies!

The journal commends the book, stating that “This book will certainly be as useful as its predecessor … offer[s] keen insights into Canadian-American affairs, taking into account various major events such as the legacy of the 11 September attacks, the world financial crisis, ballooning US debt, and President Barack Obama’s handling of America foreign policy … on the whole, the essays are sensible, perceptive and make a fitting tribute to Charles Doran and to Forgotten Partnership.”

The book has also been praised by eminent political scientists for being “a tremendous achievement of both dedicated organization and impressive scholarship.”

Cambria Press Book Review: Forgotten Partnership Redux
Cambria Press Book Review: Forgotten Partnership Redux

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