Cambria Press authors Dagney Faulk and Michael Hicks were ahead of the curve in calling for local government consolidation!

New and noteworthy books by Gavin Newsom and Cass Sunstein as reported in The Economist  … See also an earlier book Local Government Consolidation in the United States by Dagney Faulk and Michael Hicks!

Governor Mitchell E. Daniels, Jr. (Indiana) praises the book because “Dr. Faulk and Dr. Hicks have confirmed in scholarly data what common sense suggests … Dr. Faulk and Dr. Hicks’ work proves that the consolidation or elimination of wasteful, confusing, and unnecessary government is the key to saving tens of millions of dollars for both overburdened tax payers and hard-pressed local governments. In the years ahead, this book will be an important guide, both here in Indiana and across the nation.”

The Journal of Regional Analysis and Policy also lauds it because “[t]his book provides insights into the very timely topic of consolidation. It is well written and anyone seriously interested in the topic can find value in reading it.”

Local Government Consolidation in the United States
Local Government Consolidation in the United States

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