Cambria Press Book Highlights: Highly Acclaimed Titles on Terrorism!

Cambria Press is proud to highlight the following highly acclaimed titles that both scholars and practitioners would find valuable for their research on terrorism.

See what noted experts have to say and click on the titles for more reviews.

As a special promotion, Cambria Press is offering each title for only $40 (the regular list price for each is over $100)–just use coupon code RQCY888 at the Cambria Press website.

The offer ends May 15, 2013, and can also be used by libraries.

When Terrorism and Counterterrorism Clash: The War on Terror and the Transformation of Terrorist Activity by Ivan Sascha Sheehan
“This book is required reading for all those who wish to design and implement effective policies to prevent and otherwise deal with the forces making for global terrorism, including policymakers and their staffs, journalists and pundits, researchers, and politicians of all stripes.” – Dennis Sandole, George Mason University

“Compelling and informative … book sets out a balanced and moderate proposal that is worthy of serious consideration ”  – Alan M. Dershowitz, Harvard University
Counterterrorism and the Comparative Law of Investigative Detention by Dan Stigall
“A must read and a breakthrough work … The book makes clear the importance of comparing, learning from, and adapting legal systems to the ever-changing world, while maintaining the integrity of the Constitution … A most timely and valuable analysis.”– Christopher L. Blakesley, University of Nevada, Las Vegas
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