Cambria Press Book Highlight: Rave Review by the Journal of Latin American Studies for Paths of the Atlantic Slave Trade!

Cambria Press is pleased to highlight another rave review for one of Ana Lucia Araujo’s books, Paths of the Atlantic Slave Trade: Interactions, Identities, and Images. The Journal of Latin American Studies lauds the book because “the scholarly quality of the dozen essays included here is uniformly high” and because “the quality and variety of the contributions make this book a desirable purchase for research libraries.”

The journal review goes on to state that “Araujo and her contributors deserve praise for putting together this exciting collection, as does Cambria Press for producing it as an attractively designed and well-laid-out volume.”

The book has also been commended by Itinerario because it “sheds light,” “offers a diverse range of perspectives,” and “provides insight.”

See this book next week at the Cambria Press LASA booth!  See also Ana Lucia Araujo’s other book Public Memory of Slavery: Victims and Perpetrators in the South Atlantic which has also earned great journal reviews, and check out the series that Dr. Araujo heads up–the Cambria Studies in Slavery: Past and Present book series.

Cambria Press: Paths of the Atlantic Slave Trade
Cambria Press: Paths of the Atlantic Slave Trade

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