Cambria Press Book Review: Literary Review of Canada recommends Human Evolution and Male Aggression for university curricula

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Cambria Press Book Review: Human Evolution and Male Aggression

Cambria Press congratulates Anne Innis Dagg and Lee E. Harding on the glowing review of their book in Literary Review of Canada by Dr. Walter S. DeKeseredy, the Anna Deane Carlson Endowed Chair of Social Sciences at West Virginia University. The book review commends Human Evolution and Male Aggression: Debunking the Myth of Man and Ape because it is a “an eye-opening book that will definitely change many people’s thoughts about men and violence. It is also an important bridge between academic disciplines … and will assist social scientists in their quest to motivate political and economic elites to effectively address the ways in which the current political economic order contributes to brutal male aggression.”

The review further praises the book and recommends that it “should be widely read and incorporated into both high school and university curricula because the myths they challenge are so deeply embedded in mainstream society and are perpetuated and legitimated,” such as “the evolution of man was violent and that explains why there is so much male violence in the world today”  which “Dagg and Harding correctly point out, using a wealth of scientific evidence, that nothing can be further from the truth.”

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