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“A cutting-edge collection.” – Carolyn J. Dean, John Hay Professor of International Studies, Brown University


Cambria Press congratulates Alison Moore on the outstanding review of her book, Sexing Political Culture in the History of France, which the Canadian Journal of History has lauded because it “offers a series of fascinating vignettes on different historical instantiations of gender and sexuality across time” and “provides an insightful overview of the kind of scholarship of gender and sexuality that has emerged in the last decade, and stands as an invaluable resource for historians.”

Below is an excerpt from the book:
It is not only in France, but in numerous global cultures, that modern nationalist ideologies have often referenced gendered and sexual motifs in order to seduce, provoke, and embed their political and social values in the population, or in order to inflame animosity toward competing nations and ideological enemies. Marianne, Mother Russia, Germania, and Britannia are just a few of the feminine archetypes around which European states have metaphorized their national identification. Sexual slander of the kind that implied that Hitler had one testicle (in British wartime propaganda), or that Jews were lascivious and sexually diseased (in Nazi ideology), further indicated the readiness of political discourses to use sexualized motifs in the definition of national identity, cultural difference and ideological conflict. That general practice is intriguing in itself and has been the focus of a new field of scholarship by historians and gender scholars over the past fifteen years, pioneered by the work of Joan Landes, George Mosse, Klaus Theweleit, Maurice Agulhon, Anne McClintock, and others. More recent scholarship on the sexual politics of Nazi Germany has been particularly inspiring to gender and sexuality historians of modern Europe in advancing an approach to these themes that is grounded in the study of political ideology and its practical application.” Read more now through the Cambria Free Preview.

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