Cambria Press Book Review: Building a Healthy Black Harlem praised for being “valuable” and “an impressive achievement”

Cambria Press academic publisher
Cambria Press Book Review: Building a Healthy Black Harlem

Cambria Press congratulates Jamie Wilson on the outstanding review of his book, Building a Healthy Black Harlem, by Afro-Americans in New York: Life and History. The journal praises the book for being “a valuable contribution to our knowledge of a place and time better known for its famous writers and artists than for the quotidian struggles of its workers facing racism and the structural economic trap of high rents and low wages.” It also commends the book for being “an impressive achievement that updates social history with fresh material and perspectives and makes important interventions in the literature on African American urbanization.”

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See also Notable Black Memphians by Miriam DeCosta-Willis.

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