Why is Africa important to the rest of the world?

President Barack Obama recently declared that the future stability of the world depends on African nations’ prosperity and self-reliance. Reinforcing this is Toyin Falola, leading authority in African studies, who stated that “scholars and policy makers have the obligation to show Africa and the world how to succeed.” This is why African studies continues to grow as a critical field and why Dr. Falola has launched the Cambria African Studies Series with Dr. Moses Ochonu (Vanderbilt University). This interdisciplinary series provides a much-needed platform for original studies which both illuminate and critique existing and emerging forms of geopolitical organization in Africa, whether these are nation-states, national imaginations and claims, and movements for self-determination. The editors are interested in studies which shed light on the overarching question of development (human, economic, social, cultural, etc.) and its symbiotic or fraught relationship with old and new political realities on the continent. Both editors will be at the 2014 African Studies Association annual meeting participating at the various sessions (see the ASA program)

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African Cambria Press academic publisher
Toyin Falola, Jacob & Frances Sanger Mossiker Chair in the Humanities and University Distinguished Teaching Professor, University of Texas at Austin; and general editor, Cambria African Studies Series

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