Bush-Clinton 2016: Back to the Future?

Bush Clinton 2016
President Bush or Clinton in 2016?

Just as this op-ed by Dr. Robert Alexander was published by the Plain Dealer, Mitt Romney announced that he would be dropping out of the  2016 presidential race, causing some to speculate that he was clearing the way for Jeb Bush. However, will the Bush-Clinton 2016 race materialize? If so, will we go back to the future with a President Bush or Clinton? According to Dr. Alexander, “Instead of going back to the future, those who run the farthest from Washington will likely cross their party’s finish line first.” Dr. Alexander’s research on the electoral college and presidential electors has him well-placed to make such a prediction, noting that “What members of the Electoral College think matters” and that “while many of these partisans would like to see Clinton or Bush at the top of their party’s tickets, we are decidedly in an anti-Washington era.” Learn how the electoral college and presidential electors affect who becomes the president of the United States by reading the highly praised Presidential Electors and the Electoral College (part of the PIPPA series by political scientists Scott Frisch and Sean Kelly).

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