International Relations and the Arctic: “A Fantastic and Elaborate Collection” – Polar Record

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International Relations and the Arctic by Robert Murray and Anita Dey Nuttall earns a glowing book review in the journal Polar Record.

Congratulations to Robert W. Murray and Anita Dey Nuttall on the glowing review their book International Relations and the Arctic has earned in the prestigious journal Polar Record. The book review praises the massive 742-page tome for being “right on time” and “a fantastic and elaborate collection.” The review states that “The good news about the present volume is that it does not simply treat the region as just another case of the application and replication of paradigmatic international relation (IR) theories. Rather, the book shall ‘throw light on how the Arctic as an area of study contributes to the IR discipline.’ The contributors have done a great job doing so and their efforts will be of great interest to both the Arctic studies community and IR scholars.”

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