About Coupon Code MEDIEVAL2015 from Cambria Press – International Congress on #Medieval Studies

Yesterday, Cambria Press tweeted about the trailers for Fantasy and Science-Fiction Medievalisms: From Isaac Asimov to A Game of Thrones and The Middle Ages in Popular Culture: Medievalism and Genre, two new books from Cambria Press.

From Cambria Press
Coupon Code MEDIEVAL 2015 from Cambria Press for 35% off ends July 31, 2015

There have been questions about the  35% coupon code MEDIEVAL2015 from Cambria Press, which was promoted during the International Congress on Medieval Studies.

We are posting the questions and answers here for everyone, but if anyone has any other questions, please feel free to contact Cambria Press. at sales<AT>cambriapress.com.

Q: Can I still use the coupon code Medieval2015?
A: Yes, you can; the promotion ends on July 31.

Q: Can I use it on more than one book?
A: Yes, you can apply the discount to as many books as you like.

Q: Can I also use it on a Cambria book that is not on the flyer?
A: Yes, you can use it on any hardcover title.

Q: Can I order online or do I need to send in the flyer?
A: You can do it either way, but if you use the flyer it needs to be faxed or e-mailed to sales<AT>cambriapress.com no later than July 31. Mailed orders need to be postmarked July 31, 2015.

Q: I would like to have my library order it. Can they get the discount?
A: Yes, anyone can enjoy the 35% discount if they use the coupon code by July 31.

Q: I picked the flyer at the conference and want to pass it  on to my library, but I lost it. Where can I get a copy?
A: You can get a copy of the flier here or at this link http://www.cambriapress.com/medieval2015/

Q: Will you ship outside the United States?
A: Yes, we ship Cambria books worldwide.

Q: Where are the links to the trailers?
A: They are on the Cambria Press YouTube channel:

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