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Cambria Press New Publication – Bilateral Aid to Latin America: Foreign Economic Assistance from Major Donor Nations by Francis Adams

Bilateral Aid to Latin America:
Foreign Economic Assistance from Major Donor Nations

Cambria Press announces the release of this comprehensive, detailed account of the bilateral economic assistance of six major donor nations—the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Spain, Japan, and China—to the nations of Latin America.

This important, accessible resource will be very useful in understanding the nature, impact, and motivations of such foreign assistance to Latin America. For example, the book looks at the relationship between China and Latin America:

From Chapter 8, CHINA: Power, Wealth, and Interests:

Protecting state-sponsored investments in Latin America is a top priority for the Chinese government. As with trade, China hopes to avoid new restrictions on foreign investment. The cumulative stock of China’s direct investments in Latin America is $26.7 billion, roughly one-fifth of China’s foreign investment worldwide. …

China has now surpassed Japan as the leading Asian trading partner for Latin America. It is the first or second largest trading partner for Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Peru, and Venezuela.”

Libraries collections that focus on Latin America, international development, and economic assistance will want to add Bilateral Aid to Latin America: Foreign Economic Assistance from Major Donor Nations to their purchase list.

About the author: A University Professor of Political Science at Old Dominion University, Francis Adams (PhD, Cornell University) is also the chair of the Department of Political Science and Geography and holds a joint appointment with the Graduate Program in International Studies. Professor Adams’s previous publications include The United Nations in Latin America: Aiding Development, Deepening Democracy: Global Governance and Political Reform in Latin America, and Dollar Diplomacy: United States Economic Assistance to Latin America.

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