Outstanding Turnout for Secretary Ray LaHood’s Book Talk on Seeking Bipartisanship at Bradley University

Ray LaHood Seeking Bipartisanship Cambria Press publication book author review
Ray LaHood Bradley Seeking Bipartisanhship Cambria Press publication book review author
Secretary Ray LaHood giving the keynote commencement address at Bradley University

Cambria Press Book Talk by Author Secretary Ray LaHood

Close to 300 people turned up for Secretary Ray LaHood’s talk on his new book, Seeking Bipartisanship, at Bradley University yesterday. The book, which was written with Dr. Frank H. Mackaman who heads the Dirksen Congressional Center, is an unprecedented book detailing Secretary LaHood’s efforts to bridge the partisan divide between the Democrats and Republicans on Capitol Hill.

The only elected Republican selected for President Obama’s Cabinet, Secretary LaHood’s work has been recognized by politicians on both sides of the aisle, such as Mayor Rahm Emanuel of Chicago who has stated:

“Bipartisanship can work, and it should work better. Ray and I did it in Congress. My relationship with Ray is proof of that. He is a Republican; I am a Democrat. He came from downstate; I represented Chicago. He is a Lebanese American; I am a Jewish American. He supported John McCain in 2008; I supported Barack Obama. Despite all of this, we did not let what separated us prevent us from developing a great friendship. If we could work together, and we did, anything is possible.”

Mayor Rahm Emanuel went on to recommend the book:

“This much-needed book—not only for American politics but also for the American people and all who believe in democracy—is a brilliant account of how we can and should seek bipartisanship. It presents an important part of American history—when Democrats and Republicans reached across the aisle.”

Learn more about Seeking Bipartisanship, which will be released at the end of this October. Preorder now at the special price of $29.95.

Seeking Bipartisanship Ray LaHood Frank Mackaman Cambria Press publication author review
Cambria Press Publication: Seeking Bipartisanship by Ray LaHood with Frank Mackaman

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