Cambria Press Publication Review: Constitutional Democracy and Judicial Supremacy

John Rawls

Congratulations to Professor Jerome Foss (Saint Vincent College) on the outstanding review of his book, Constitutional Democracy and Judicial Supremacy: John Rawls and the Transformation of American Politics, in Catholic Social Science Review, which praises the book because

Foss approaches Rawls with the utmost respect and seriousness, and in so doing he simultaneously makes a case for Rawls’s importance beyond the academy and offers a sober critique of Rawls’s impact on American public life. Foss has closely studied all of Rawls’s extant writings, and he convincingly argues—contrary to most perceptions of Rawls—that he “cared far less about influencing the way academics talk about liberalism (though he of course did care about this) than he did about shaping the practice of constitutional government in nations like America” (1). … Foss’s book is an important contribution to our understanding of Rawls, and even more important in the alarm it sounds regarding Rawls’s strategic ambitions in political life, which have been largely realized.”

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