Book Review: Net Assessment and Military Strategy

“The most useful available book about the analytical approach that is called net assessment as it was practiced by Andrew W. Marshall while he was director of the Office of Net Assessment (ONA) in the Office of the Secretary of Defense. This is true both for the reader who is new to the subject and for the expert reader who already has considerable exposure to net assessment and to ONA. … Net assessment requires the relentless pursuit of data and a capacity for original thought, but it also requires courage, the courage to take seriously ideas that deviate from the ruling consensus, and the courage to pursue the important questions, often for decades, while others give answers to topics of today and receive the attention and rewards for being ‘relevant.’” —Journal of Strategic Studies

Net Assessment and Military Strategy: Retrospective and Prospective Essays, edited by Thomas G. Mahnken, with an introduction by Andrew W. Marshall, is part of  the Rapid Communications in Conflict and Security (RCCS) Series (General Editor: Geoffrey R.H. Burn).

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