Forthcoming: “Subcontinent Adrift” by Feroz Hassan Khan

With Subcontinent Adrift, Feroz Hassan Khan has written a “must read on the continuing simmering security dangers in South Asia and their impact on the rest of the world.” While several books have looked at the security challenges faced by India and Pakistan in isolation as well as the strategies they have each adopted in response, Subcontinent Adrift places the two sets of clashing outlooks, policies, and strategies together and analyzes the causes and consequences of the drift in South Asia. Shuja Nawaz, Distinguished Fellow at the Atlantic Council’s South Asia Center, writes:

On the heels of his masterly account of the growth of Pakistan as a nuclear weapons state, Eating Grass, Feroz Khan turns to explaining the strategic imbalance in South Asia that feeds the unending hostility between India and Pakistan. In this compact and compelling analysis, he illustrates the historical and militaristic thinking on both sides that feeds enmity while hobbling the ability of both countries to achieve internal and external peace and development. Khan’s cogent new book should be seen as a warning that armed conflict or use of terrorist proxies will not solve the problems facing the teeming millions in South Asia—they will only exacerbate them.” 

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