AAS 2023: A Celebration

The AAS conference in Boston was excellent. It was wonderful to see many familiar faces and make new acquaintances. Thank you to those who visited our booth and came to our reception!

It was also an honor to have Professor Victor H. Mair (University of Pennsylvania), editor of the Cambria Sinophone World Series, introduce the titles that were published during the pandemic. Under Professor Mair’s stewardship, fifty titles have been published since the series was launched.

Hundreds, if not thousands, of people have benefited from Professor Mair’s guidance and support. Stories proliferate of him coming to the aid of others. Just a fraction of these accounts of his generosity can be found in Victor H. Mair: A Celebrationa book published in honor of this much-beloved scholar’s 80th birthday and presented to him at the AAS conference. Together, the thirty-eight essays, which range from touching to hilarious, penned by students, colleagues, and friends, show how Professor Mair has served as a selfless pioneer across disciplines, opening doors to all interested and providing a model of mentorship. This book is a most inspiring must-read of testimonials about how one incredible scholar has changed the lives of so many for the better.

From the Introduction by Neil Schmid

“Few people would ever imagine that behind the vast piles of overflowing books and papers in a small office on the eighth floor of Williams Hall on the University of Pennsylvania campus lies the epicenter of a complex network spanning immense reaches of space and time. That vast web, like the books and papers, has rapidly expanded over the decades, ever since Victor H. Mair’s arrival on Penn’s campus in 1979, his home now for more than forty years. Victor’s boundless curiosity, indefatigable energy, and proficient talents at making connections among disparate phenomena has resulted in hundreds of publications, numerous cooperative projects, and most importantly a rich network of students, colleagues, and friends. His research and interests span domains as far afield as Proto-Indo European linguistics, twentieth-century Chinese literature, and Warring States archaeology, the diversity of areas equally matched with fellow-minded colleagues and conversation partners around the world.”

Featured on the book’s front cover is a photo of Professor Mair taken at a book launch in Singapore. He is holding the festschrift Texts and Transformations: Essays in Honor of the 75th Birthday of Victor H. Mair, edited by Professor Haun Saussy.

For those who were unable to get a catalog at our AAS booth, please download it by clicking on this link.

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