Authors’ Reviews

“Choosing to publish with Cambria Press is one of the smartest professional decisions I have ever made. From the rigorous peer review to the final product, the Cambria experience exceeds my experience with university presses. I really felt that Cambria Press cared about my book, and I know that they went the extra mile to produce a book of which I am very proud. Most importantly, I would choose to publish with Cambria Press again. I can offer no higher praise!”
— Professor Sean Kelly, Jimmy Carter and the Water Wars

“I have nothing but praise for Cambria Press. Throughout the entire process of the submission, review, editing, design, proofing, printing, and distribution of our book, the entire staff at Cambria Press has been completely professional at all times. They have been promptly responsive and thoroughly attentive at every step of the way. Cambria Press‘s  guidelines are clear and their standards are high. It would be impossible for me to suggest any improvements in the way our manuscript was handled from start to finish.”
— Professor Victor Mair, Sacred Display

“Working with Cambria Press was a personal as well as a professional pleasure. Everyone with whom I worked was extremely capable and always very professional and pleasant. They kept me well informed at every stage of the process, answered my questions in a timely manner, and did a fantastic job getting my manuscript to print. I have nothing but positive things to say about my relationship with Cambria Press and recommend the press to friends and colleagues.”
— Professor Michael Genovese, Corruption and American Politics

“I had a great experience with Cambria. The entire staff at Cambria Press did a fantastic job at every point of the way–the rapid peer review process, the professional and attentive copy editing that refined the manuscript, the clear guidance they provided, and their responsiveness when it came time to review their copy editing, and the extremely high production values that went into producing in a very fine-looking and professional final product. Cambria is professional, responsive, attentive to detail, and they work intensely and quickly on your book project.  I am extremely grateful for all of their work and would be very happy to work with them again.”
— Professor Anthony Gierzynski, Saving American Elections

“My experience with Cambria Press was extremely positive––starting with my initial conversations with their acquisitions editor to working with their editorial and management personnel. All were extremely professional and helpful in producing a first-rate volume. They worked hard to accommodate me in every respect, right down to the cover. I chose to publish an edited volume with Cambria even though I had offers from several other publishers because of the people working for Cambria and the fact that this press has an impressive number of standing orders with libraries worldwide. I would opt to publish with them again.”
— Dr. Helen Purkitt, African Environmental and Human Security in the 21st Century

“The publishing experience with Cambria Press was outstanding. From facilitating an excellent peer-review process to amazing editorial assistance, the staff members are incredibly efficient at working to create the best possible product. At every step of the way, I felt like they were as equally concerned as I was for the quality of the book. I appreciated their attention to detail, responsiveness in communication, and ongoing support. This is a fantastic academic publisher.”
— Professor Christopher S. Collins, Higher Education and Global Poverty

“As a first-time author with a very heavy professional workload, I could not have made a better choice than Cambria Press. They are prompt, responsive, and clear in all of their communications. The finished product is a work of which I am proud, and it was improved immensely by the peer-review process and the Cambria staff. With such an efficient production process and the ability to distribute my work in both physical and digital form, Cambria is a company for the present and the future. I will undoubtedly return to them first for my next book.”
– Professor Noah McLaughlin, French War Films and National Identity

“Cambria gives you much more than you expect from a publisher. You get to know the staff and I have the highest regard for their professionalism. They stay with you from the conception of the project to its conclusion. I am glad I made the decision to publish with them.”
— Professor Chima J. Korieh, Minorities and the State in Africa

“From the time I submitted my book proposal to the final publication of the book itself, I have had nothing but excellent experiences with Cambria Press. The staff at the press strike a balance of being both warm and professional, and they were always quick to respond to any queries that I had. They were most supportive during the rigorous peer-review process, and they impressed me with their efficiency and enthusiasm during the publication process. I thoroughly enjoyed working with Cambria, and I simply cannot recommend Cambria Press highly enough.”
— Professor Ernest Koh, Singapore Stories

“Cambria Press has astonished me with the swiftness and professionalism of their approach. As an international author, working with an American publisher has sometimes been challenging, but that has not been the case with Cambria. My book was published well within the promised time frame. I would gladly recommend Cambria to other academic authors.”
— Dr. Gillian Dooley, J.M. Coetzee and the Power of Narrative

“Publishing a book usually is a time-consuming process and involves enormous hard work, but when working with Cambria it becomes a wonderful experience. I really enjoyed the whole process of working with Cambria on my book, from submission to review, editing, design, proofing, printing, and distribution. The staff at Cambria is professional, respond quickly to any inquiries, and provide highly valuable, constructive suggestions. Most importantly, they tailor their work to the needs of individuals and treat your book as their own. This makes publishing a book a much easier and pleasant process. I give my biggest thumbs-up for the excellent work done by Cambria on my 340-page book and will definitely choose Cambria for my next book.  If you ask me where to publish your hard-worked research results, one word––Cambria.”
— Dr. Tian Shi, Sustainable Ecological Agriculture in China

“There is something rare and amazing about Cambria Press. They remain true to their word from the very first conversation to the publication of your accepted manuscript. It is so refreshing to deal with publishers who are valiant advocates for their authors. I can share one example. Our manuscript was shopped around to a number of presses who either because of overwhelmed staff, poor management, or the rapidly changing economy, could not give us the attention that we thought our scholarly publication on hip hop deserved. But when a colleague, who continues to have a great relationship with Cambria Press, pulled us aside and said “Give Cambria a try!” we followed what turned out to be the best advice ever given in 2009. We worked hard, followed the directions of the publications manager and staff, and kept to deadlines usually without fail during frenzied teaching schedules. The toil was worth the effort and I am so proud of the finished product. The quality of the text is outstanding and the cover design was truly in line with the spirit of the manuscript. I think Cambria Press is the best kept secret for academic publishing. Whisper the good word to your colleagues and I am sure that they won’t be disappointed. Thank you Cambria for the opportunity of working with people who embody honesty and integrity!”
— Professor Simona Hill, Hip Hop and Inequality

“Almost immediately upon signing a contract with Cambria Press, I knew I had made the right decision. Cambria’s standards are very high and this showed in every part of the publication process. My manuscript was immediately peer reviewed by insightful and knowledgeable scholars in the field who gave sound and useful advice. Upon completion of the final draft, Cambria’s staff worked carefully and quickly to bring the book to publication. I was assigned a personal contact person who guided me through the entire process, answering all my questions, and keeping me informed. The art department, publicity department, and editorial staff are equally impressive. Quite simply it was the best publication process I have ever experienced. The end result is a book I will forever be proud to have authored. I wouldn’t hesitate to have a second book published by Cambria or recommend them to any of my colleagues.”
— Professor Annemarie Koning Whaley, The Trouble with Dreiser

“Cambria is the best publisher I have ever worked with. They not only got my book to press quickly and efficiently but also with first-rate editing, cover design, and production. They provided ample review copies to journals, and their innovative online sales tracking system allows continual monitoring of sales and royalties. I thank Cambria Press for all their work on my book.”
— Professor Stephen Coleman, Popular Delusions

“The staff at Cambria is supportive, responsive, and highly professional. They provide wonderful editing assistance, and the finished product is stunning. Starting with the initial book proposal, I felt an immediate rapport with the Cambria staff– – unlike anything I have previously experienced. We worked together to achieve a shared vision. Cambria is truly committed to cutting-edge scholarship. I developed a great affinity with the staff and the outcome exceeded my expectations thanks to their high standards and professionalism. Cambria’s approach to working with authors is as innovative as their books. The publication process is a team effort with many opportunities for discussion. Working with them is a wonderful experience. Their remarkable professionalism, high standards, and supportiveness indicate to me that they will ascend to the top of the publishing ranks quickly. I feel extremely fortunate to be a Cambria author.”
— Professor De Villo Sloan, The Crimsoned Hills of Onondaga

“From its initial response to my first inquiry all the way through the refereeing, editorial, typesetting, cover design, and marketing processes, the staff at Cambria Press could not have been more dedicated, courteous, and professional. The staff’s close attention to detail (a crucial necessity for a text as technically demanding as mine) is truly awe-inspiring. In short, Cambria is a first-class academic press. I am so glad that a fellow scholar brought Cambria Press to my attention at just the right moment.”
— Professor R. Victoria Arana, W. H. Auden’s Poetry

“I am extremely satisfied with my experience with Cambria Press. From the start of my interactions with Cambria, they expressed great interest in our book and worked with our goal to get the book on the shelves quickly (due to its timely subject matter). Throughout the process, the staff was responsive, professional, and very willing to work with my coeditors and me to produce a high-quality book. I was impressed at how quickly I got responses to my questions at various stages in the process. My co-editors and I just received the complimentary copies of our book and think it turned out wonderfully. I would definitely recommend Cambria to my colleagues and approach them again for my own future book projects.”
— Professor Danielle Endres, Social Movement to Address Climate Change

“As an author whose native language is not English, I found publishing my first book with Cambria Press to be a most rewarding and enriching experience. Cambria Press has turned what could have been a potentially intimidating ordeal into a process of intellectual growth for me. From the day I submitted my book proposal, I was greatly encouraged and motivated by the constructive feedback and guidance I received. Cambria Press edited my book carefully and designed an artistic front cover which clearly suggests the intellectual content of the book. The staff at Cambria Press was professional and responsive throughout the whole publication process. I am impressed by how much they respect the author’s opinion and preference. I would like to thank Cambria Press for turning my dream into reality.”
— Professor Yuxin Ma, Women Journalists and Feminism in China, 1898–1937
“Cambria Press is a highly professional publishing house. They guided me through the process of publishing my first book to my complete satisfaction. I was provided with important feedback and perspectives regarding the peer review results. I am grateful for the assistance that the staff provided and the wonderful product that resulted from this collaborative effort.”
— Professor Lisa M. Martin-Hansen, Inquiry Pedagogy and the Preservice Science Teacher

“I found that Cambria’s focus and professionalism allowed me to concentrate on my scholarship; I was able to finish my book project on time because of Cambria’s dedication to careful review and editing of my work. I recommend that junior scholars in particular should consider how Cambria’s efficient process allows for academics to complete important scholarly work in a timely manner.”
— Professor Burton St. John III, Press Professionalization and Propaganda

“The professionals at Cambria Press helped me produce a fine book. They were supportive, and they offered criticism at the right points that allowed me to expand my ideas for a wider readership. Their business expertise from design to copy editing to research was remarkable! Publishing with Cambria Press was one of the best decisions I have made in my career.”
— Professor Lisa Dallape Matson, Re-Presentations of Dante Gabriel Rossetti

“I would like to thank the entire staff at Cambria Press for their promptness, professionalism, and patience throughout the publication process of my edited book. My entire experience has been extremely positive, and Cambria is an outstanding academic press.”
— Professor Jayajit Chakraborty, Spatial and Environmental Injustice in an American Metropolis

“Unlike other academic publishers I approached, Cambria Press did not request subvention funding. Their enterprising approach to the project in its first stages and their thorough review process enabled me to incorporate new directions and to reflect more profoundly on the critical perspectives used in my text. Lastly, their professional approach to typesetting the illustrations was impressive, and I have recommended Cambria to other academics working in art history and related fields.”
— Dr. Catherine Tite, Portraiture, Dynasty and Power

“Working with Cambria Press was a pleasure––they are wonderfully responsive, great at answering questions, proactive, and professional. As a first-time author, I also appreciated the glimpse into the world of book publishing and am grateful to editors and staff alike for walking me through the process with such grace and ease.”
— Dr. Nadine Lehrer, U.S. Farm Bills and Policy Reforms

“The entire process of publishing with Cambria Press has been a truly enjoyable and rewarding experience. The entire staff has been really supportive, dedicated, and highly professional. Their efficiency also deserves a commendation. My sincere and special thanks go to each and every one of them! I will certainly be recommending Cambria Press to friends and colleagues.”
— Dr. Marlar Lwin, Narrative Structures in Burmese Folk Tales

“Cambria Press has been wonderfully supportive throughout the publication process, and I appreciated the staff’s willingness to mentor a first-time author. Through every stage of the process, the professionalism of the editorial team made our communications easy and clear. The remarkable attention to detail in copy editing created a polished final product. I was particularly struck by the care the design team invested in the book’s cover: not only is it lovely, but it also shows insightful reflection on the book’s ideas. I am grateful for the partnership I formed with Cambria and for the lovely new book we created together.”
— Professor Lillian Craton, The Victorian Freak Show

“From my first inquiry to the day the final product was in my hand, I was extremely pleased with the professionalism displayed by the staff at Cambria Press. They are dedicated to ensuring that the work reflects the views of the author and that it complies with the rigors of academic excellence. The staff’s attention to detail was amazing and their commitment to getting my work out in a timely manner is indeed admirable.”
— Professor Dave Ramsaran, Hip Hop and Inequality

“From the start, with the submission of my manuscript, Cambria’s staff impressed me with their excellent professionalism, courtesy, efficiency, and overall attention to detail. My manuscript received a rapid and enthusiastic response. The editor was supportive, encouraging, and kept me informed throughout the rigorous peer-review process. The copy editing team displayed great expertise and were a delight to work with. I have been especially pleased with the creativity of my cover design and the accurate layout of the images within the text. The staff’s intelligence and insightfulness about my work, combined with their enthusiastic efficiency, made publishing with Cambria a pleasure every step of the way. I intend to have Cambria publish my next book and highly recommend their press to all my colleagues.”
— Professor Jessica Hope Jordan, The Sex Goddess in American Film, 1930– 1965

“I wish to thank Cambria for all their excellent help on my book. I wholeheartedly and highly recommend Cambria Press on all levels and I am most certainly delighted to have published my book with them. From the moment I first contacted Cambria, they were extremely sincere, meticulous, and fast regarding the publication of my book. After rigorous peer review, their editing of my manuscript was absolutely of the very highest standard and the Cambria team made the whole of the book publishing process very easy and enjoyable for me both personally and professionally. I really do recommend Cambria to any academic who values publishing their book with an extremely professional, efficient, caring and courteous academic book publisher. The staff is certainly a pleasure to work with on all different levels and stages of publication/production from beginning to end!”
— Dr. Cyrus Manasseh, The Problematic of Video Art in the Museum, 1968– 1990

“As a first-time author, and starting later in life than most, I would like to record my appreciation of the kindness, good humour, and high standard of professionalism I encountered during the process of publishing my book with Cambria Press. I am more than pleased with the result.”
— Dr. Charles Carson, Technology and the Big House in Ireland, c. 1800– c.1930

“Deciding to publish with Cambria Press was the best and most important step in my life. At every stage in the publishing process, the Cambria staff made me feel part of a well-coordinated team. Their dedication and prompt responses in the reviewing, editing, and printing stages are second to none. This was a life-changing experience because the professionalism and excellence at Cambria Press should be the envy of many. Attention is paid to detail and quality such that the end product– — my own book– — is a joy to have and to hold. I cannot say it loud enough– – thank you Cambria Press!”
— Dr. Vimbai Kwashirai, Green Colonialism in Zimbabwe, 1890– 1980

“Publishing with Cambria Press was a positive experience from the initial contact stage through the production stage. The review process involved scholarly rigor and the staff was helpful, courteous, and professional throughout the process. I was especially pleased with how they worked with us on the graphics for the cover and very satisfied with the results.”
— Dr. Annette Holba, The Communicative Relationship Between Dialogue and Care

“I would like to express my gratitude to, and admiration for, the impressive crew at Cambria. They have made me very comfortable, indeed, with the whole process we went through to publish my book. They deserve a great deal of praise.”
— Dr. William Glasser, The Art of Literary Thieving

“Our experience with Cambria was first rate. Cambria synthesizes professionalism and rigorous peer review with accessibility, support, and highly personalized attention. We will absolutely return to Cambria for future publications.”
— Richard Komaiko and Beibei Que, Lawyers in Modern China

“The team at Cambria Press have ensured that the entire process from peer review to final product has been one marked by professionalism and administrative excellence. Proactive attitudes, outstanding technical expertise and rigorous editing place Cambria Press far above other European academic presses. As such, I would highly recommend Cambria Press to all academics in the United Kingdom.”
— Dr. Esther Rowlands, Cinematic Portraits of Evil

“Many thanks and much appreciation to all at Cambria Press; they made the entire publishing process so much more congenial, good humoured, and pleasurable, than most other places. Without all of their hard work, Reading Blindly would have come to naught.”
— Dr. Jeremy Fernando, Reading Blindly

“My decision to publish with Cambria Press was definitely the right one. From the outset, my book received expert peer review, as well as quality advice and input from a host of gifted editors and staff. The process was collaborative in nature and served to enhance the quality of my work. I would choose to publish with them again and would advise authors of serious academic works to explore Cambria Press before publishing elsewhere.”
— Dan Stigall, Counterterrorism and the Comparative Law of Investigative Detention

“I would highly recommend Cambria Press. This is a cutting-edge, professional, efficient, and attentive organization. I hope to continue my relationship with Cambria throughout my career.”
— Professor Pauline Sameshima, Seeing Red: A Pedagogy of Parallax

“From the submission of my manuscript to the publication of my book, I was extremely pleased with the entire Cambria staff– – their professionalism, courtesy, sensitivity, friendliness, prompt response to all my questions, and, especially, their concern for me and my work. I would highly recommend Cambria Press to other academics.”
— Dr. Miriam DeCosta-Willis, Notable Black Memphians

“I am pleased to say that my association with Cambria Press through the preparation of two several-hundred-page books has been one hundred percent plus, from proof reading and editing, to timely publication.”
— Professor F. Hilary Conroy, West Across the Pacific

“I am indebted to the team at Cambria Press, all of whom made the writing and publishing processes inviting.” — Professor Tiina Itkonen, The Role of Special Education Interest Groups in National Policy

“The staff of Cambria Press provided highly professional services and made publishing this book a wonderful experience.” — Dr. Chi-Jen Yang, Belief-based Energy Technology Development in the United States

“I gratefully acknowledge the editors and staff at Cambria Press. Their attention and professionalism have made this experience a successful one.” — Jamie Wilson, Building a Healthy Black Harlem

“My thanks are due to Cambria Press who made it possible for me to bring my study to a broader audience.” — Professor Pratyusha Basu, Villages, Women, and the Success of Dairy Cooperatives in India

“I would also like to offer thanks to Cambria Press. The team at Cambria showed great enthusiasm, patience, and support in helping to realize the final product; and their editing and design work was particularly valuable.” — Dr. Craig Turnbull, An American Urban Residential Landscape, 1890– 1920

“I would like to express my gratitude to, and admiration for, the impressive crew at Cambria Press. They have made me very comfortable, indeed, with the whole publishing process.” — Dr. William Glasser, The Art of Literary Thieving

“I also want to acknowledge the precision and patience of Cambria Press’ dedicated staff who guided me through what would have otherwise been an arduous process– – their professionalism made publishing this book a truly enjoyable and rewarding learning experience.” — Dr. Robert Vodde, Andragogical Instruction for Effective Police Training

“I also would like to express my gratitude to Cambria Press, whose high degree of efficiency and professionalism has made my publishing experience a pleasant surprise. They provided excellent advice on style and technical issues. The clarity of my argument has been greatly enhanced through their efforts.” – – Dr. Sharron Gu, Law and Politics in Modern China

“My experience with Cambria Press exceeds all that I expected from an academic publisher. Getting a reply within 48 hours of my initial enquiry and being kept informed throughout the editorial and publishing processes, as well as getting published within 6 months of submitting my manuscript is, in fact, a sharp and remarkable contrast to that of my experience with other publishers. I would highly recommend Cambria Press, and I would like to thank the team for their excellent work.”
— Dr. Bassey Ekpe, The United Nations and the Rationale for Collective Intelligence

“Cambria Press exhibited meticulous professionalism, competence, a warm personal touch, and consistent energy while working with me on my book. They are a completely different story than what I am used to hearing about publishing companies. Neither the director nor the staff stinted in their efforts to ensure that a smooth line of communication was maintained with me. They were irrepressibly cordial and responsive to all author suggestions, requests, and questions, and in no way compromised the high standards they set for my book. It is not surprising they come highly recommended. ”
— Professor Femi Kolapo, Immigrant Academics and Cultural Challenges in a Global Environment

“I want to thank Cambria Press– – the support and attention that Cambria gives their writers is truly exceptional in the world of academic publishing.”
— Professor Joshua Shaw, Emmanuel Levinas on the Priority of Ethics

“I would also like to thank all the staff at Cambria Press for their support. From the outset, their professionalism, diligence, efficiency, and integrity have been of the highest order. They embraced this project wholeheartedly and in so doing, demonstrated their commitment to furthering critical inquiry and fostering bravely imaginative readers.”
— Professor Bernadette Brennan, Brian Castro’s Fiction

“I also would like to express my gratitude to Cambria Press, whose high degree of efficiency and professionalism has made my publishing experience a pleasant surprise. They provided excellent advice on style and technical issues. The clarity of my argument has been greatly enhanced through their efforts.”
— Dr. Sharron Gu, Law and Politics in Modern China

“I would like to express my gratitude to the staff at Cambria Press who have been professional and congenial throughout this project.”
— Professor Julius Mutwol, Peace Agreements and Civil Wars in Africa

“From the very beginning of the process, the staff at Cambria Press have been extremely helpful, supportive, and efficient. They responded immediately to any questions I might have had, and were very understanding when the production schedule was slightly disrupted by the early arrival of my baby daughter! The whole experience has been a highly positive one. I will be recommending Cambria Press to colleagues.”
— Professor Johanna Waters, Education, Migration, and Cultural Capital in the Chinese Diaspora

“I give high praise to the professional staff at Cambria Press. Their professionalism, editorial skills, and visual design skills exceeded expectations. They were thorough in the editing, accessible in their communication, and collaborative in the execution of their work. Every aspect of Cambria’s work and their professional relationship with me was at the highest level. I would not hesitate at the opportunity to work with them again and have recommended their superb services to many academic colleagues.”
— Professor Taylor Halverson, Distance Education Innovations and New Learning Environments

“It is an honor to have my first book published by Cambria, a high-quality academic press that publishes cutting-edge research. My experience with Cambria Press has been very positive. The editors are rigorous but always courteous. They always place their authors’ needs first and value the scholarly work that we have done.”
— Professor Aimee Dawis, The Chinese of Indonesia and Their Search for Identity

“Cambria Press has greatly impressed me. They are fast and excellent.”
— Dr. Prince Sorie Conteh, Traditionalists, Muslims, and Christians in Africa

“I thank the editors and staff members of Cambria Press for making my book a success.”
— Dr. Disaphol Chansiri, The Chinese Émigrés of Thailand In the Twentieth Century

“It was a pleasure all the way to work with the Cambria Press editors and staff. They maintain the highest level of professional service and good humor at the same time. Cambria Press is my top pick for future publications.”
— Professor John M. Wilson, Margaret H’Doubler

“The staff of Cambria Press have been very competent, courteous, innovative, quick, reliable, and more than a little daring.”
— Dr. T. P. Schwartz-Barcott, After the Disaster

“I would like to thank everyone at Cambria Press for assisting me with the publication of my book. The outstanding efforts and amazing technical expertise are extremely appreciated. I really appreciate the outstanding professionalism and assistance. Each step in the publishing process was very smooth and communication with you being responsive, professional, and helpful. The editors were consistently polite and professional, and the work timely and efficient. Most of all, I appreciated Cambria’s flexibility, and I felt they really took my concerns into account when making the major decisions regarding my book. I am extremely pleased with the end result and would welcome another opportunity to publish with Cambria Press. Thank you for providing me with this life-changing opportunity.”
— Professor Leticia Nkonya, Rural Water Management in Africa

“For guiding me through the process with patience and dedication, I extend heartfelt thanks to the wonderful staff at Cambria Press.”
— Dr. Monica Biradavolu, Indian Entrepreneurs in the Silicon Valley

“I have been especially fortunate to work with Cambria Press in publishing this book. The Cambria staff was professional and efficient throughout the entire process and it was a pleasure to work with them.”
— Stephanie Cooper Blum, The Necessary Evil of Preventive Detention in the War on Terror

“Thanks go to the staff of Cambria Press who saw the potential in the project and without whose encouragement and help, my book would not have come to fruition.”
— Professor Dawn Lewcock, Aphra Behn Stages the Social Scene in the Restoration Theatre and Sir William Davenant, the Court Masque, and the English Seventeenth Century Scenic Stage, c1605 – c1700

“Special thanks go to the staff of Cambria Press who performed excellently in the publication of this book.”
— Dr. Said Adejumobi and Dr. Adebayo Olukoshi, The African Union and New Strategies for Development in Africa

“Cambria Press made the publishing process faster and smoother than I ever imagined.”
— Professor Ken McCormick, Veblen in Plain English

”I would like to thank the staff at Cambria Press for their wonderful guidance and patience with me during the production of this book.”
— Dr. Regine Heberlein, Writing a National Colony

”I am much obliged to the staff at Cambria Press for their genial stewardship of the publishing process. They cracked the whip with steady, gentle hands.”
— Professor Stephen Faison, Existentialism, Film Noir, and Hard-Boiled Fiction

”The editorial contributions and the patience of the staff at Cambria Press are greatly appreciated.”
— Dr. Mary Shepherd, Sex-Selective Abortion in India

”I am grateful to the staff of Cambria Press. Their professionalism and assistance have made this journey of publishing an enjoyable one.”
— Professor Jane Coughlan, The Study of China in Universities

”I would like to thank Cambria Press for their kind encouragement and support.”
— Professor Anthony Clark, Ban Gu’s History of Early China

“I am indebted to the entire staff of Cambria Press for their patience, creativity, and good humor. They made the entire publishing process a delight even for a first-time author”
— Dr. Lynn Sutton, Access Denied

“Over my academic career, I have had the occasion to work with many book publishers. My experience with Cambria has been by far the best. It was delightful from beginning to end. The process of getting accepted was rigorous and productive, the editorial assistance was excellent, and communication was at all times speedy, efficient, and pleasant.”
— Professor Tom O’Donoghue, Schools as Dangerous Places

“I found Cambria to be a very professional academic press. Their review and editing process was serious and thoughtful, and reflected their high standards. It helped me to write a better book. They were cheerful and courteous whenever I had a question.”
— Professor Robin Mookerjee, Identity and Society in American Poetry

“Cambria Press provided superb assistance for the publication of our book.”
— Professor Sang Yeal Lee and Professor S. Shyam Sundar, To Vary or Not? The Effects of Ad Variation on the Web

“My book looks great! I would like to thank Cambria Press very much for all their help– – Cambria Press is wonderful.”
— Professor Frank Alduino, Sons of Garibaldi in Blue and Gray

“I am very grateful to the entire staff of Cambria Press for their professional support, their amazing creativity, and their enthusiastic dedication to my work. They have made the publishing process a complete pleasure for me as an author”.
— Professor Gemma López, Seductions in Narrative

“I have been nothing but impressed with the support I received from everyone at Cambria Press. The publishing process was incredibly fast, and all my queries were dealt with quickly and professionally. I always felt that I had the expertise and experience of the entire Cambria team behind me. Working with them was a pleasure.”
— Dr. Sanna Inthorn, German Media and National Identity

“Cambria produced a fine product in much less time than it takes to publish a book with a university press.  I have recommended Cambria to a number of colleagues and will continue to spread the word about the fine service provided by Cambria.”
— Professor Scott Frisch, Jimmy Carter and the Water Wars

“Thank you for everything you have done. I have been very impressed through this whole process.”
— Dr. Eli Alberts, A History of Daoism and the Yao People of South China

“I am grateful to the hardworking Cambria Press professionals for their unwavering support.”
— Professor Ivani Vassoler, Urban Brazil

“Cambria Press has been a delight to work with. They provided invaluable assistance through every step, and made the process enjoyable as well as productive. It was a genuine pleasure.”
— Professor Matthew Price, The Wilsonian Persuasion

“I am very thankful to Cambria Press for providing me with such a unique opportunity to publish my book and take it as a good omen for my future publications. Working with the Cambria staff was a great experience– – they are friendly, cooperative, and intelligent. In the future, I would like to continue my collaboration with Cambria Press and publish more books. I thank Cambria for everything they have done.”
— Dr. Abdulmamad Iloliev, The Ismaili-Sufi Sage of Pamir

“Much thanks is due to the Cambria team who have been extremely quick and conscientious in every stage of the editorial, proofing, and publication process.”
— Professor Daniel Jernigan, Drama and the Postmodern

“I wish to thank Cambria Press for providing me with the opportunity to publish this work. My special thanks to them for their guidance and help throughout the entire process”.
— Dr. Ghada Sasa, The Femme Fatale in American Literature

“I am grateful to the staff at Cambria Press for their effort in improving the presentation of my work and disseminating it. It has been a pleasure to work with you.”
— Dr. Mary Leinhos, The Logic and Legitimacy of American Bioethics

“I would like to thank Cambria Press for being very quick to respond to questions and for the excellent service they provided.”
— Professor Joseph Cazier, Value Congruence and Trust Online

“I thank the staff at Cambria Press for their initiative, enthusiasm, and hard work transforming my manuscript into a book.”
— Dr. Linda Klouzal, Women and Rebel Communities in the Cuban Insurgent Movement, 1952– 1959

“Thanks go out to Cambria Press– — their staff was patient, kind, and encouraging in getting this book to press.”
— Professor Patricia Neff, ADHD and Maternal Resiliency

“We would like to thank Cambria Press for their interest in our work and their flexibility and guidance throughout the entire process.”
— Dr. Julie Lima and Professor Susan Allen, The Availability of Care for Late-Middle-Aged Adults With Chronic Conditions

“Thanks go to Cambria Press for their efficient and supportive publishing procedures.”
– Professor Janet Wasko and Mary Erickson, Cross-Border Cultural Production

“Thanks to Cambria Press for their patience, creativity, and great support. They made the entire publishing experience a great joy.”
— Dr. Edward Hoseah, Corruption in Tanzania

“I would like to express my gratitude to Cambria Press for publishing my book– – the editors, the cover designers, and the entire staff of Cambria Press.”
— Professor Iris Tuan, Alternative Theatre in Taiwan

“Special thanks to Cambria Press who helped bring this book into existence.”
— Dr. Amy Sauers, Customer Relationship Management

“I am very grateful to the staff at Cambria Press for their editing, formatting, and proof reading of the book.”
— Professor Yinghui Yang, The Online Customer

“I made contact with Cambria Press through a friend and have found that to be a great introduction to a publishing firm that treats you like a friend and colleague. I have been nothing but impressed with the dedication to my work by everyone at Cambria Press. It has been a joy to work with them.”
— Dr. Jo Campbell, Managing Marginal or Incompetent Staff and Anticipating and Managing Crime, Crisis, and Violence in our Schools

“I am very appreciative of the courtesy and professionalism extended to me by Cambria Press.”
— Dr. Ian Chambers, The Chamberlains, the Churchills, and Ireland, 1874– 1922

“My experience working with Cambria Press was extremely positive due to the outstanding professional and superb service. It was excellent team work with a very personal touch– – I really enjoyed the process despite all the hard work.”
— Dr. Rolf G. Poluha, Application of the SCOR Model in Supply Cain Management

“My experience with Cambria can best be described as a partnership as Cambria does better than most presses in creating an atmosphere of mutual respect.”
— Professor David Waterman, Identity in Doris Lessing’s Space Fiction

“I should be lacking in gratitude if I failed to acknowledge the professional support of the staff at Cambria Press. Their belief in my work has made my books possible.”
— Professor Salvatore Mondello, A Sicilian in East Harlem and The Italian Americans

“It has been a pleasure to work with Cambria. Not only do they seek to publish innovative and diverse academic research of the highest quality but they have proven themselves to be splendidly professional, attentive, and friendly. I look forward to working with them again.”
— Dr. Alexander McGregor, The Shaping of Popular Consent

“Special thanks to Cambria Press for their professionalism and very prompt help whenever needed.”
— Dr. Cristina Dascalu, Imaginary Homelands of Writers in Exile

“Thank you, Cambria Press. It has been a pleasure working with you.”
— Professor T. Kenn Gaither, Building a Nation’s Image on the World Wide Web

“Bringing our collection to publication in English has been an uphill battle. We therefore owe our first debt of gratitude to Cambria Press.”
— Professor Ann Huss and Professor Jianmei Liu, The Jin Yong Phenomenon

“Working with Cambria Press for the publication of our Styling Texts collection of essays has been a great experience because of the professional support supplied at all stages of developing the book– – from critical readings to the design of the cover.”
— Professor Cindy Carlson and Professor Cynthia Kuhn, Styling Texts

“My monograph could not have come to life without the insightful support of Cambria Press.”
— Dr. Tianlong Jiao, The Neolithic of Southeast Asia

“I commend Cambria Press for the excellent work leading to the publication of my books.”
— Dr. Kenneth Mwenda, Comparing American and British Legal Education Systems and Legal Aspects of Combating Corruption

“It is always a great honor to have one’s book published, and I owe an enormous debt to the staff of Cambria Press. They are always there with kindness, support, and patience, for which I am really grateful.”
— Professor Aijun Zhu, Feminism and Global Chineseness

“The staff of Cambria Press provided helpful advice and skillful guidance throughout the publication process.”
— Professor Jordana Finnegan, Narrating the American West

“We thank the staff of Cambria Press for all their help and hard work.”
— Professor David Minderhout and Andrea Frantz, Invisible Indians

“I thank Cambria Press for their editorial assistance, as well as their attentiveness and enthusiasm throughout the publication process.”
— Dr. Cheri Philip, Asian American Identities

“Thank you for encouraging the progress of the book, but beyond that, thank you for caring about me not merely as a writer, but as a woman learning to live as a widow.”
— Professor Rita Botwinick, Up Close and Personal

“In particular, I acknowledge the support, efforts, and dedication of the staff of Cambria Press for their graciousness in understanding my intentions. Thanks for your tremendous insights.”
— Professor Francisca Norales, Cross-Cultural Communication

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