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About Cambria Press


Groundbreaking Works

The mission of Cambria Press is to empower the creation and dissemination of knowledge through innovative publishing solutions. Cambria works to make the publishing process as smooth as possible. 


Leading Thinkers

Cambria authors are established scholars and rising academic stars in the humanities and social sciences. Cambria authors also include Nobel laureates and professionals in government, NGOs, social service, and national security.


Areas of Impact

Cambria publishes groundbreaking books in the humanities, social sciences, business, and international relations. Many Cambria titles are part of highly acclaimed series with distinguished editorial boards.


Worldwide Distribution

Cambria publications are available in print and digital formats. We are on the approval plans of premier library and global commercial distributors such as EBSCO, and our books are available worldwide.

“I have nothing but praise for Cambria Press. Throughout the entire process of the submission, review, editing, design, proofing, printing, and distribution of our book, the entire staff at Cambria has been completely professional at all times. They have been promptly responsive and thoroughly attentive at every step of the way. Cambria guidelines are clear and their standards are high. It would be impossible for me to suggest any improvements in the way our manuscript was handled from start to finish.”

— Professor Victor H. Mair (University of Pennsylvania), Sacred Display and Buddhist Transformations and Interactions

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