Cambria Press author Pia Masiero’s book hailed by journal as “one of the finest books” on Philip Roth

Cambria Press Outstanding Journal Review

Cambria Press congratulates Pia Masiero on the glowing review of her book  Philip Roth and the Zuckerman Books: The Making of a Storyworld  by the European Journal of American Studies which states that “it is difficult to make an original scholarly contribution, but Masiero succeeds admirably, in two respects: firstly, hers is the first monograph to focus on what she calls ‘the Zuckerman books’; secondly, she is the first Roth critic to produce a book-length narratological analysis of his work.”

It hails the book (published by Cambria Press in 2011), as being “lucidly written and thoroughly researched” and that “this is one of the finest books to have been written on Roth and will be invaluable to scholars, students and general readers.”

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