Rave Review for Genus Envy: Nationalities, Identities, and the Performing Body of Work

Cambria Press congratulates Professor Thomas Connolly on the rave review by the Eugene O’Neill Review of his book, Genus Envy: Nationalities, Identities, and the Performing Body of Work.

The book is commended for being “erudite, provocative, and witty,” which is not surprising given that “Connolly is well known to enthusiasts of O’Neill and to fans of NoëlCoward as well, being active in the international society of each. Though seemingly polar opposite in style and spirit, for Connolly both playwrights are radical in the broadest sense.”

The book reviewer for the journal had nothing but praise for the book, even stating that “I have not done service to Connolly’s impressive range of critical reference, nor his feeling for the postmodern project”!  More importantly, the review notes that “Connolly’s book is also rich in close reading, literary history, and original insight. And it is great fun to read.”

Genus Envy is an important book for all theatre, cultural studies, and literature collections.

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