Cambria Press Book Review: Congress and the Presidency praises Filibustering in the U.S. Senate for being of “great value to future researchers”!

Cambria Press Review Filibustering in the US Senate

Cambria Press congratulates Dr. Lauren Bell on the excellent review of her book Filibustering in the U.S. Senate by the journal Congress and the Presidency, which commends the book because “Bell’s exhaustive identification of all filibusters in Senate history, who led them, and the substantive issues they involved represents an invaluable contribution to our understanding of this particular form of legislative obstruction.”The journal review goes on to praise it for being “well-written and accessible” and because “it provides new data that will be of great value to future researchers, and it provides the first analysis of the predictors of individual-level decisions to filibuster across all issue areas over an extended time period.”

The book has also been lauded by the APSA Legislative Studies Section, which calls it an important work because of “the power of Bell’s book is its ability to seamlessly weave historical and quantitative evidence in an effort to build a theory of filibustering” and for the “nuanced picture of filibustering in the Senate” which “helps us to better understand some of the myths surrounding this contentious legislative practice.”

Filibustering in the U.S. Senate is also recommended by CHOICE for college and university libraries because it is “a fine contribution to a growing literature on Senate obstructionism.”

This book is part of the Politics, Institutions, and Public Policy in America book series by Sean Q Kelly and Scott A. Frisch, who are the authors of CHOICE Outstanding Academic Title Jimmy Carter and the Water Wars: Presidential Influence and the Politics of Pork as well as the coeditors of Doing Archival Research in Political Science, a well-praised and much-needed resource for American political scientists.

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