Cambria Press Book Review: Journal of Reproductive and Infant Psychology praises Childbirth in a Technocratic Age!

Cambria Press Book Review: Childbirth in a Technocratic Age
Cambria Press Book Review: Childbirth in a Technocratic Age

Cambria Press congratulates Elizabeth Soliday on yet another great review of her book Childbirth in a Technocratic Age: The Documentation of Women’s Expectations and Experiences by the Journal of Reproductive and Infant Psychology, which states that “this book is helpful in facing the nature of modern childbirth” and “addresses women’s rights in a domain where ‘men are in charge’; thus, it also adds layers of inter-gender, financial and political issues all impacting on the limited role of modern women in childbirth.”

The journal review goes on to state that the book is ” well positioned within the health care field and is suited for obstetric staff, midwives and everyone involved in the birthing process” and “also recommend[s] it to pregnant women who are preparing to make an informed decision.”

See the other great review and Q&A at this Cambria Press blog post.

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