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Cambria Press Academic Publisher New Book: The Construction of Femininity in a Postcolonial State

“SINGAPORE is a lively, vibrant and efficient place with a cosmopolitan population. English is almost universally spoken, decisions are made quickly and the streets are safe”, as described very accurately by The Economist. Singapore has come a long way since it was just a small village and much of this has been attributed to the government policies, including prioritizing education. From the time Singapore gained self-government, both girls and boys have been given equal opportunities in education. This access to education has resulted in increased female literacy and improved social and economic status for women. However, in spite of this improvement, women’s gender ideologies remain conservative and patriarchal.

However, the groundbreaking study by Dr Kho. Ee Moi, a senior lecturer at the National Institute of Education and the president of the History Association of Singapore, affirms that “the tide is turning in Singapore. Although the government tried to maintain patriarchal values in society and within the school system, its contradictory policies have subverted these attempts.”

Learn more in Dr. Kho’s new book, The Construction of Femininity in a Postcolonial State: Girls’ Education in Singapore, an eyeopening read that illuminates the role of education in the construction of gender identities.

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