APSA 2013 Annual Meeting for Cambria Press – Best Part is Meeting Happy Authors!

Cambria Press academic publisher Author Lara M Brown
Cambria Press Author Lara M Brown

The 2013 APSA annual meeting was an extremely busy one for Cambria Press, with a packed schedule with back-to-back meetings the entire time. It was great getting to know new people and learning more about the research–we are sorry that we could not meet everyone, but thankfully there is always e-mail!

In addition to the Cambria Press bag being noted by political scientists and covered in the Inside Higher Ed article, one of the best parts of this conference was meeting up with Cambria Press authors. Seeing them so pleased with their books is the greatest reward–we will be posting pictures throughout the entire week of the authors with whom we could get a picture–it was a really busy conference!

The author featured today is Lara M. Brown, Associate Professor & Program Director of the Political Management Program at George Washington University, who is the author of the widely acclaimed Jockeying for the American Presidency, which has been hailed by John H. Aldrich (the Pfizer-Pratt University Professor of Political Science at Duke University and incoming president of the APSA) as being “one of the best books this discipline has contributed to the study of presidential nominations and elections.”

The journal reviews for Dr. Brown’s book have been just as laudatory; for example, Presidential Studies Quarterly declared that it “contains much of value for scholars of the presidency and presidential elections.”

This book is in the Politics, Institutions, and Public Policy in America book series by Scott Frisch and Sean Kelly.

And don’t forget the unbeatable special $39.95 price for the hardcover political-science titles ends at the end of this month, see the Cambria Press special for this and act quickly!

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