Political-Science Research Matters!

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Cambria Press bag at the 2013 APSA Annual Meeting

The 2013 APSA annual meeting went well for Cambria Press–in particular, it was rewarding that not only did many political scientists appreciate the message of support Cambria Press has for political-science research (e.g., Cambria Press complimentary tote bags bearing the message in response to the NSF funding cuts), but this was also picked up by Inside Higher Ed which ran an article on this today, with the Cambria Press bag at the top.

Among the interviewees cited in this insightful article is John H. Aldrich, the Pfizer-Pratt University Professor of Political Science at Duke University and incoming president of the APSA, who is “currently considering issues that could point to the best tactics” and that “it may be time for political scientists to consider other federal sources of funds, such as the National Endowment for the Humanities or the National Institutes of Health.”

If you managed to get a Cambria Press bag, make sure you use it to spread the word. If you did not get one, you can still share the message #politicalscienceresearchmatters on social media and, of course, get one from us at the next APSA annual meeting!

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