APSA 2013 – Best Part – Meeting yet another happy author and learning about saving the American elections!

Cambria Press academic publisher author Anthony Jack Gierzynski
Cambria Press author Anthony” Jack” Gierzynski

Dr. Anthony “Jack” Gierzynski is today’s featured Cambria Press author. His book is exactly what the American government needs to read as we approach the upcoming election seasons of 2014 and 2016. With Americans still weary from the 2012 election, one has to wonder if the future elections will bring about any change we can actually believe in. If there is to be any change, the first step is naturally a move toward Saving American Elections, which is very aptly the title of Dr. Gierzynski’s book.

In this book, he proactively diagnoses and prescribes what Dr. Ray La Raja (University of Massachusetts) praises as “a sane and informed approach to making our political institutions work better.” Paul S. Herrnson (University of Maryland) also commends the book because “many citizens, politicians, and pundits routinely complain about the health of the political system, but few attempt a systematic diagnosis and even fewer recommend treatments. In this highly readable book, Anthony Gierzynski identifies many of the shortcomings in U.S. politics and offers some provocative prescriptions to address them.” Saving American Elections is also recommended by CHOICE for all readership levels.

Read Dr. Gierzynski’s insightful post on the 2014 and 2016 elections at the Cambria Press blog. He rightly advocates that “as the discipline of political science matures, we are beginning to have the opportunity to utilize our accumulated research findings to conduct more systemic analyses of our political institutions and use such system analyses to speak to the problems of politics today.”

Saving American Elections is in the Politics, Institutions, and Public Policy in America book series by Scott Frisch and Sean Kelly.

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