APSA 2013 – More happy authors and the importance of the US-Canada relationship!

Cambria Press academic publisher Author Christopher Sands
Cambria Press Author Christopher Sands

Today’s highlighted author is Dr. Christopher Sands, Senior Fellow at the Hudson Institute, whom we were delighted to see at APSA and who has good reason to smile because a glowing journal review from the British Journal of Canadian Studies for his book with Greg Anderson was released this year (see the Cambria Press post on this).

Back in 1984, eminent political scientist Charles F. Doran lamented the deterioration of “partnership” in Canada-U.S. relations. A major premise of this book is that Doran’s analysis is worth revisiting in a contemporary setting. Following Doran’s original analytical framework, Forgotten Partnership Redux is organized around the same three “dimensions” of Canada-U.S. relations—political-strategic, trade-commercial, and psychocultural. The foremost authorities have been selected to contribute to this volume for their specific areas of expertise, with the aim of revisiting these specific dimensions in a contemporary setting.

What sets Forgotten Partnership Redux apart is how the world’s leading experts on Canada-U.S. relations revisit Doran’s Forgotten Partnership, one of the most important works ever produced in the field. Their insights augment the scholarly debate initiated over two decades ago and cast significant light on the present and the future of the two nations and their global impact. For those who have not read Forgotten Partnership, this volume will serve as an important introduction to many of the same themes but set in contemporary scholarly and policy debates.

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