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Cambria Press Academic Publisher Political Science #APSA2013
Cambria Press Political Science #APSA2013

Whether it’s a book on universal healthcare, elections, presidents, North Korea, American foreign policy, this Cambria Press book list has it, and for the month of September any of these hardcover titles with glowing reviews can be bought for an unbeatable price of only $39.95!

This includes the one book that was constantly getting picked up at #APSA2013 annual meeting–Doing Archival Research in Political Science. Among the experts praising the book is Dr. Raymond Smock (director of the Robert C. Byrd Center for Legislative Studies; former historian, U. S. House of Representatives; and past president of the Association of Centers for the Study of Congress) who states that
the book “challenges political scientists to engage in archival research and provides excellent examples of how this can be done.” So to all the political scientists out there, take up the challenge and use  the archives to benefit your research–no excuses now that you have at your disposal “the best treatment that we have of the practical logistics of conducting archival research about the national legislature” as Dr. C. Lawrence Evans (Newton Family Professor of Government, College of William and Mary) aptly puts it. Dr. Evans further adds “I recommend it highly.”

Check out all the great resources the coeditors have posted on a blog dedicated to archival research in political science, which has many useful links to congressional collections, presidential collections, municipal archives, interest groups, and organizations.

Remember September 30 is the deadline, so make sure you use this from Cambria Press and forward it on to get this great book and the other well-reviewed titles!

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