Cambria Press Book Review: Christian Mysticism and Australian Poetry is “a fine contribution”!

Cambria Press academic publisher Review Australian Poetry
Cambria Press Book Review: Christian Mysticism and Australian Poetry

Cambria Press congratulates Toby Davidson on the glowing review of his book in Transnational Literature, which hails Christian Mysticism and Australian Poetry as “a fine contribution to Australian poetry ” because of three key strengths of the study: first, “few Australian poetry scholars have examined their subject from a philosophical or theological theme and thus this book opens up a new avenue for discussion”; second, “it brings some poets to the forefront” and “the third strong positive in this book is the inclusion of Indigenous mystical poets.”

The review concludes with further praise for the book because “the poets are well represented by their poetry in this book, making it possible even for readers who are not deeply into the study of Australian poetry to appreciate it … a fine contribution to the study of Australian poetry, one that throws a new light on the work of some of our most prominent poets.”

This book is in the Cambria Australian Literature Series, headed by Dr. Susan Lever (University of Sydney).

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