Cambria Press Book Review: The Assassination of Shakespeare’s Patron provides “genuine insight into the murky world of Elizabethan spying, plotting and counter-plotting”!

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Book Review by Times Literary Supplement

Cambria Press congratulates Leo Daugherty on the praise of his book The Assassination of Shakespeare’s Patron by the Times Literary Suppplement (TLS), which commends Daugherty because he is “a talented sleuth who knows a great deal about the case, and he has turned up some important finds.” It goes on to state that the book is “a charmingly eccentric guide written by an enthusiast, which takes the reader along many fascinating paths and byways, providing genuine insight into the murky world of Elizabethan spying, plotting and counter-plotting.

Among the noted literary scholars who have praised the book is Harold Bloom, Sterling Professor of Humanities at Yale University, who declared that “this study of Lord Strange’s murder is cogent and marked by deep knowledge of the Age of Shakespeare. The peripheral illumination of Shakespeare’s stage career is very valuable.”

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