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ACSP Paul Davidoff Book Award 2013 Honorable Mention!

Cambria Press congratulates Gerardo Sandoval for the Paul Davidoff Book Award 2013 Honorable Mention by the Association of Collegiate Schools of Planning. The Paul Davidoff Award is one of the most prestigious awards in the academic planning field and is presented biennially by the Association of Collegiate Schools of Planning. The award recognizes an outstanding book promoting participatory planning and positive social change while reflecting core values of Paul Davidoff, a respected activist academic of modern city planning.

The committee noted this to Dr. Sandoval about his book: “Your book is especially fitting for Honorable Mention as it engages with issues of poverty, inequality, and social justice that were central to Paul Davidoff’s work,” the award committee wrote in announcing the awards. “As an encouraging saga about a successful, place-specific planning process, your work offers information about and insights into the politics of participation which is of great interest to advocacy planners.”

In his pathbreaking book, Immigrants and the Revitalization of Los Angeles: Development and Change in MacArthur Park, Dr. Gerardo Sandoval details how a low-income immigrant community in Los Angeles,  plagued by crime and violence well into the 1990s,was able to turn a large-scale redevelopment plan to its advantage.

Praised by expert such as Dr. Judith Innes (Professor of City and Regional Planning, UC Berkeley) who said “Sandoval pioneers the use of complexity thinking as a lens to see what would otherwise be invisible—the co-evolution of a community with the city’s actions and policies,” this book has also been hailed in a book review by the journal Urban Studies as “an engaging book which never shies away from the difficulties of urban regeneration” and that ” Sandoval has created finegrained, nuanced insights into the challenging but ultimately successful journey that formerly troubled communities can take towards positive change.”

This book is a valuable resource for scholars in urban studies and planning, as well as those in Latino studies. This book will be on display next at the Latin American Studies Association (LASA) international congress in Chicago. In the meantime, read this book online now!

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