On this 71st birthday of Victor H. Mair!

Victor Mair
Victor Mair. Photo courtesy of Zhichen Zhao.

Today marks a very special day because it is Victor Mair’s 71st birthday. Anyone who has met Dr. Mair will agree that 71 is now the new 21, but then again perhaps not because there are few in their twenties (or any age group, for that matter) who can keep up with him. Indeed, commenting on Dr. Mair’s surprise 70th birthday bash, there has been speculation that there must at least be three Victor Mairs given his prolific work; see David Moser’s comment: “My theory has been that the scholar known as ‘Victor Mair’ is composed of three dedicated sinologists working in tandem night and day to produce the unstoppable stream of books, articles, emails, Sino-Platonics and book reviews.” One, three, or more Victor Mairs, all of us at Cambria Press agree that there can never be too much Victor Mair, and if anything, we hope (or should we say ho pe) for more! Many happy returns to Dr. Mair!

To celebrate his birthday, Cambria Press will be offering the special paperback edition of China and Beyond by Victor H. Mair: A Collection of Essays for only $35 until April 25. To enjoy this special price, use web coupon code MAIR71. This massive 532-page book was compiled by Rebecca Shuang Fu, Matthew Anderson, Xiang Wan, and Sophie Wei as a surprise for Dr. Mair for his 70th birthday. Watch Dr. Mair’s priceless reaction! What makes this collection so valuable is the fact that some of these essays have never been preserved digitally until now. The rare access to such breadth and depth of Dr. Mair’s work makes this book an essential to the bookshelf of all Asian studies scholar.

 This book will be on display at Cambria Press booth #302 (right in front of the exhibit hall entrance)
at the 2014 Association of Asian Studies (AAS) annual conference in Philadelphia.

The book is featured on the outside back cover of the 2014 AAS program.

As series editor, Dr. Mair will be speaking at the AAS book launch session (room 407) on Friday (March 28) at 7:30 p.m.

Check out the 2014 Cambria Press Asian studies catalog and download the booklist for your librarian.

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