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An important book for research on women writers, queer studies, and contemporary literature

“In the context of queer kinship, too, Brown’s presentation of a wide range of social options typically takes the form of a critical examination. She devotes attention to the influence of class on the possibility of constructing a “family of choice,” thereby distancing herself from the optimism of gay commentators who stress the unlimited freedom queers have in creating their own families. In addition, she points out the painful lack of kinship among LGBTs by tackling taboo subjects, such as lesbian battering, power imbalances, and identity formation in positions of extreme dependency (often leading to self-loss). Thus, Brown’s writings can be said to supplement certain strands in queer theory, offering a valuable opposition to the stereotype of lesbian intimacy as especially democratic, as well as intervening in widespread psychoanalytic clichés.” – Lies Xhonneux, Rebecca Brown: Literary Subversions of Homonormalization

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