Cambria Press Book Review! The Experimental Fiction of Murray Bail is a “thorough overview” and a “sound guide”!

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Cambria Press congratulates Michael Ackland on the outstanding review of his book, The Experimental Fiction of Murray Bail, which JASAL praised for it being a “thorough review of this major Australian artist” that fills the long-overdue need for an extended study. The review also encourages that “devotees might especially take up his newest novel, The Voyage (2012), and apply their insight to this text.”

Below is an excerpt from the book:
Bail’s ideas remain a work-in-progress. In “The Seduction of My Sister” regenerative alternatives arise from the last vacant block of land in a suburban street. Bail, in a sense, has decided to cultivate a similar, largely trammelled lot, and readers will watch with interest to see what he chooses to erect in the still open-ended Australian landscape. As Ern Malley, another enigmatic figure on the Australian literary stage, has insisted grandiloquently: “I have split the infinitive. Beyond is anything” Read more now through the Cambria Free Preview.

This book is in the Cambria Australian Literature Series by Susan Lever.

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