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 Cambria Press academic publisher Philip Roth and World Literature

Cambria Press New Book! Philip Roth and World Literature


“Far from insular, Roth’s work appears deeply rooted in the American canon, while at the same time it exhibits a remarkable openness, a persistent need for contact with his European forebears, and true engagement with contemporary world literature.”  – Philip Roth and World Literature: Transatlantic Perspectives and Uneasy Passages 

A book like this is long overdue because not many are aware of the numerous intersections between Philip Roth’s fiction and world literature. In highlighting these intersections and uneasy passages, this comparative approach offers an important contribution to Philip Roth studies as well as to comparative literary study in general. It builds on previous comparative scholarship on Philip Roth and seeks to broaden even further the crossings and concepts through which comparisons can be made and sustained. It covers new authors from world literature and extends analysis of previously studied authors. This is an important book for the rapidly growing field of transatlantic and transnational American studies. It will also be of value to scholars and students in American literature and Jewish studies, comparative literature and world literature, and transatlantic and transnational American studies.

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