Cambria Press Book Review! Christian Mysticism and Australian Poetry is “a groundbreaking study”!

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This book is in the Cambria Studies in Australian Literature Series headed by Susan Lever.

Cambria Press congratulates Toby Davidson on the glowing review of his book, Christian Mysticism and Australian Poetry, which JASAL has hailed for being a “groundbreaking study which speaks to those engaged in literature, religious and cultural studies and, most directly, to those exploring the interface between poetry and the sacred … A particularly pleasing feature of Christian Mysticism and Australian Poetry is the attention given to women poets … Davidson, in touching on some fifty Australian poets and a multitude of mystics, is discerning and generous in his interpretations and avoids the temptation of forcing his subjects to serve his own theories. His bibliography should prove invaluable to future researchers … His book will encourage Australian and global recognition of mystical poetries and scholarship.”

Below is an excerpt from the book: Postwar Australian poetry critics typically refuse to identify what they, or indeed a chosen poet, may actually mean by mystical, mysticism, and the application of these terms. Some critics bring their own interpretations of mysticism to their readings without declaring them, and almost all discussions fail to allow for historical shifts in the way mysticism was popularised and perceived. Read more now through the Cambria Free Preview.

This book is part of the Cambria Studies in Australian Literature (General Editor: Susan Lever).

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