Cambria Press Book Launch at Wilson Center! Public policy scholar Sanchita Saxena will discuss her highly praised new book!

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Sanchita Saxena (Executive Director, Institute for South Asia Studies (ISAS) and Director, Chowdhury Center for Bangladesh Studies, University of California at Berkeley) will discuss her new book which has earned rave reviews from leading experts.

Cambria Press author Sanchita Saxena, (Executive Director of the Institute for South Asia Studies and Director of the Chowdhury Center for Bangladesh Studies at the University of California at Berkeley) will discuss her new book, Made in Bangladesh, Cambodia, and Sri Lanka: The Labor Behind the Global Garments and Textiles Industries, which has earned rave reviews from leading experts, at the Wilson Center on July 29.

Be sure to catch Dr. Saxena’s talk on her book, which Rehman Sobhan (Economist and Chairman, Centre for Policy Dialogue, Bangladesh) commented, “Sanchita Saxena is to be commended on a work which contextualizes the emerging tensions within a highly competitive global economy, particularly as they pertain to the workers within the garments industries of three important exporters, Bangladesh, Cambodia and Sri Lanka. Her work, drawing on some valuable primary research, should be of much value to not just researchers and policymakers but also to the workers of these industries.”

Made in Bangladesh, Cambodia, and Sri Lanka is essential reading for students and researchers in policy studies, labor studies, South and Southeast Asian studies, international trade, and political science, as well as those engaged in program design and evaluation of projects focused on labor rights. This study is also critical for non-governmental organizations with a thematic focus on the garments and textiles industry, labor rights, human rights, and international trade policy, as well as for private sector organizations focused on improving labor conditions around the world.

This book will also be on display at the Cambria Press booth at the APSA conference, but you can browse the book now using the Cambria Press free preview.

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