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Cambria Press book review: Confucian Prophet has earned an excellent review in the Journal of Asian Studies

Cambria Press congratulates David Schneider on the excellent review of his book, Confucian Prophet: Political Thought In Du Fu’s Poetry (752–757) , in the Journal of Asian Studies, which praises the book for being “an engaging piece of scholarship,” which “raises thought-provoking questions while demonstrating solid command of relevant texts.” Regarding the objective to “establish that Du was troubled by a political system that allowed powerful families to live luxuriously at court while the people suffered amid deteriorating conditions in the mid-750s, and that he produced powerful art to register his objections,” the review declares that “Schneider has accomplished this and much more by reviving the question of how exactly Du Fu’s artistry relates to the grand political and social issues of his day.”

This book will be a valuable resource not only to Chinese scholars but also the growing group of readers of Chinese poetry in translation outside of academia.

Confucian Prophet is in the Cambria World Sinophone Series (General editor: Victor H. Mair).

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