Styling Texts: Dress & Fashion in Literature – RMMLA 2014 Highlight

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See Styling Texts: Dress and Fashion in Literature by Cynthia Kuhn and Cindy Carlson in the RMMLA book exhibit area. This is the first academic volume to address such an extensive range of texts, inviting consideration of how fashionable desires and concerns not only articulate the aesthetics, subjectivities, and controversies of a given culture, but also communicate across temporal and spatial divisions. Styling Texts is an essential resource for anyone interested in the artistic representations and significations of dress.

From the introduction:

“Do not look upon all this that I am telling you about the clothes as uncalled for or spun out, for they have a great deal to do with the story.” —Cervantes, Don Quixote (I: 51)

Whether describing an elegant gown in luxurious detail or registering a simple tunic, storytellers attend to clothes. Color schemes, patterns, or emblems may seem easy to identify and interpret, but literary dress can be deceptively multifaceted. Far from merely enhancing characterization or creating a visual snapshot, the vestimentary frame enacts a site of aesthetic, social, and political inscription—rich material for analysis.

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Cindy Carlson, professor of English at Metropolitan State College,  will be presenting on Thursday and Friday at the RMMLA.

Director Toni Tan will also be a speaker at the 2014 RMMLA special publishing seminar, “From Proposal to Publication.”

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