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The History of Chinese Buddhist Bibliography  Tanya Storch
“This book deserves a place on the bookshelf of every specialist in pre-modern Chinese, Korean, and Japanese Buddhism.” – John Kieschnick, Stanford University

Japan’s Shrinking Regions  Peter Matanle, Anthony Rausch, & the Shrinking Regions Group 
“A very important book … a must read not only for people specializing in rural Japan.”
Asian Anthropologist

Ooku, The Secret World of the Shogun’s Women  Cecilia Segawa Seigle & Linda Chance 
“This book has much to recommend it.” – Monumenta Nipponica

Made in Bangladesh, Cambodia, & Sri Lanka  Sanchita Banerjee Saxena
“Of much value to researchers and policymakers.” – Rehman Sobhan, Centre for Policy Dialogue

Africans in China  Adams Bodomo
“Essential reading for scholars.”–China Quarterly

From the Cambria Sinophone World Series headed by Victor H. Mair (University of Pennsylvania):

NEW! Chinese Ethnic Minority Oral Traditions  Jingqi Fu & Zhao Min 

Rethinking Chineseness  E.K. Tan  
“Magnificent work.” – David Der-wei Wang, Harvard University

Sinophone Malaysian Literature  Alison Groppe 
“Laudable. A key reference volume.” – Southeast Asian Studies

Confucian Prophet  David Schneider 
“The best study of Du Fu.” – Jonathan Chaves, GWU

Gao Xingjian Aesthetics & Creation Gao Xingjian; Mabel Lee 
“Edited carefully … beautifully produced.” – MCLC

Modern Poetry in China  Paul Manfredi 
“Well-written, researched, illustrated.” –Journal of Contemporary Chinese Art

The Chinese Prose Poem  Nicholas Kaldis  
“The 60-page bibliography [is] a scholarly resource in and of itself.” –MCLC

Infected Korean Language  Ross King  
“Brilliant, innovative …  A real masterpiece!.” – Mark Arlen Peterson, BYU

China and Beyond in the Mediaeval Period  Dorothy Wong & Gustav Heldt 
“Represents the future of Asian studies.” – Ryuichi Abe, Harvard University

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