Essential Books on Slavery on Amazon Kindle

Here are a few outstanding Cambria Press books you can get (or give) on Amazon Kindle:

African Heritage Slavery

African Heritage and Memories of Slavery in Brazil and the South Atlantic World

by Ana Lucia Araujo (ed) $29.99

“The memory of slavery and the slave trade has strongly influenced how history is understood. What is remembered and why are clearly identified as major historical themes of analysis in this valuable collection.” —Canadian Journal of Latin American and Caribbean Studies


Transatlantic Memories of Slavery: Remembering the Past,
Changing the Future

by Elisa Bordin and Anna Scacchi (eds) $29.99

This study addresses the memory of slavery from a transnational perspective.  The inclusion of Brazil and the French, English, and Spanish Caribbean alongside the United States and Europe, and the variety of investigative approaches—ranging from cinema, popular culture and visual culture studies to anthropology and literary studies—expand the current understanding of the slave past and how it is reimagined today. Transatlantic Memories of Slaveryis an important book for those interested in African American, American, and Latin American studies and working across literature, cinema, visual arts, and public culture. It will also be useful to public official and civil servants interested in the question of slavery and its present memory.

Africa Heritage Slavery

Slavery, Migrations, and Transformations:
Connecting Old and New Diasporas to the Homeland

by Elisa Bordin and Anna Scacchi (eds) $29.99

This book is a timely and much-needed exploration of the intricate nature of culture and life in the African diaspora. It examines identities, collectivities, and relationships with Africa and Africans. It helps fill a gap in the field by illuminating the complex experiences of blackness in a manner that motivates readers to grapple with the nuances diaspora studies and African issues on a global stage.

See also the Cambria Studies in Slavery Series, headed by Ana Lucia Araujo
(Howard University).

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