Essential Books on Modern China on Amazon Kindle

Here are a few outstanding Cambria Press books you can get (or give) on Amazon Kindle:

Modern Chinese Literary History

The Jin Yong Phenomenon:
Chinese Martial Arts Fiction and Modern Chinese Literary History

by Ann Huss and Jianmei Liu (eds). $27.99

“A successful study of Jin Yong’s literature with valuable and insightful opinions … a pleasure to read.” —CLEAR

“A great contribution to a historically nuanced image of China.” —Ban Wang, William Haas Professor in Chinese Studies, Stanford University


Mo Yan

A Subversive Voice in China:
The Fictional World of Mo Yan

by Shelley Chan $27.99

“I recommend this first full-length study in English to anyone who wants the perfect complement to their reading of Mo Yan’s novels.” — Howard Goldblatt, University of Notre Dame, and translator of Mo Yan’s novlels


Chinese visual culture

Contemporary Chinese Visual Culture: Tradition, Modernity, and Globalization

by Christopher Crouch (ed) $29.99

This book examines three overarching themes: Chinese modernity’s (sometimes ambivalent) relationship to tradition at the start of the twentieth century, the processes of economic reform started in the 1980s and their importance to both the eradication and rescue of traditional practices, and the ideological issue of cosmopolitanism and how it frames the older academic generation’s attitudes to globalisation. It is important to grasp the importance of these points as they have been an important part of the discourse surrounding contemporary Chinese visual culture. As readers progress through this book, it will become clear that the debates surrounding visual culture are not purely based on aesthetics––an understanding of the ideological issues surrounding the appearance of things as well as an understanding of the social circumstances that result in the making of traditional artifacts are as important as the way a traditional object may look. Contemporary Chinese Visual Culture is an important book for all collections dealing with Asian studies, art, popular culture, and interdisciplinary studies.

See also the Cambria Sinophone World Series, headed by Victor H. Mair
(University of Pennsylvania).

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