Cambria Press Publication Review: Contemporary Hispanic Poets

Congratulations to Professor John Burns on the outstanding review by the journal, A contra corriente, of his book Contemporary Hispanic Poets: Cultural Production in the Global, Digital Age!

This book is in the Cambria Latin American Literatures and Cultures series, headed by Professor Román de la Campa, the Edwin B. and Lenore R. Williams Professor of Romance Languages at the University of Pennsylvania.

The book review notes that “John Burns’ study of Hispanic poetry from Chile, Mexico, and Spain employs a cultural studies approach in its analysis of recent poetic production in Spanish. It is innovative  in  its  transatlantic  scope, and is a  valuable  contribution to attempts  to reconsider  the  role  and  status  of  the  poet  in  globalized—and especially neoliberal—socioeconomic context.”


Other details noted in the review about the book include:

“[the book] presents a surprising, yet effective pairing of poets: Spaniard Leopoldo María Panero and Chilean Raúl Zurita”

“the  sharpness  of  Burns’  readings  of well-known  poetry by  Panero—more  so  than  elucidations  of Panero’s cameos  in novels  by  authors  like  Roberto  Bolaño,  Enrique  Vila-Matos,  etc.—is  the  strongest element  of  this  section”

“Burns shows  himself  to  be  a  deft  close  reader  of poetry in his exploration of blurring techniques in  Juan Felipe Herrera’s “187 Reasons Mexicanos Can’t  Cross  the  Border,” and  the  juxtaposition  of  Guillermo Gómez-Peña  and Herrera—with respect to the issue of “the poet as a navigator of a globalizing mediascape.”

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