Cambria Press Publication Announcement: Krausism and the Spanish Avant-Garde


Cambria Press is excited to announce that Krausism and the Spanish Avant-Garde: The Impact of Philosophy on National Culture by Professor Christian Rubio will be released soon. See it hot off the presses at the Cambria Press booth at the #MLA17 annual convention.

Mark P. Del Mastro, Chair and Professor of Hispanic Studies at the College of Charleston, praises the book because

Christian Rubio provides a refreshing, clearly articulated and well-researched study on the impact of Krausism on Spain and the avant-garde movement via the notion of ‘Europeanization,’ while he challenges traditional critical trends that persist with categorizing Spanish literature within generations. In addition, Rubio devotes a much-needed, entire chapter on Krausism’s impact on Spanish women, while at the same time underscoring the importance of the often overlooked contributions by Rosario Acuña and Carmen de Burgos. This important book is a necessary reference for anyone interested in Krausism, the Spanish avant-garde, and Spanish history and culture at the turn of the twentieth century

Learn more about Krausism and the Spanish Avant-Garde and read more reviews.

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